'How NHS Wales Secures the Journey of its Data' Data Security event

September 24, 2013

HANND Business Solutions and Ipswitch File Transfer recommend data security best practices and explore the customer experiences of guest speaker Andrew Glencross, NHS Wales

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 – Ipswitch File Transfer and HANND Business Solutions are holding an informative customer event to share how NHS Wales uses Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit to secure highly sensitive and confidential healthcare data across multiple departments and platforms.  The event will start from 10.30am on Tuesday 24 September at the Eight Club in Bank, London, and will centre on guest speaker Andrew Glencross, senior IT security specialist for NHS Wales, who will present: 'How NHS Wales Secures the Journey of its Data'. 
NHS Wales is the over-arching body responsible for all health boards and trusts within Wales.  It works across hospitals, GP surgeries, dental practices, palliative care centres and more encompassing 65,000 staff nationwide.  
Andrew Glencross will explain how employees within NHS Wales already depend on Ipswitch File Transfer's MOVEit solution to ensure secure managed transfer of con?dential information from one health boards to another, as well as to key groups including social services, clinical trial sites, solicitors, police, health inspectorates and other external commercial third-parties.  
By using MOVEit, the NHS Wales Informatics Service is able to properly track, manage and encrypt the transfer of files while at rest or in transit, and take protective precautionary measures when necessary. 
To learn more about how NHS Wales relies on Ipswitch File Transfer for security, visibility and transparency, read the case study.
The event will be attended by business directors, managers and senior IT professionals with an interest in data security, information management, risk, compliance, regulation, governance, data audits, ethics, business integrity and corporate responsibility.  
Registration and drinks will begin at 10:30am when Ian Davin, CEO of HANND Business Solutions will introduce speakers and detail the journey of sensitive data as it moves in, around and out of an organisation.  Ipswitch File Transfer's Director of EMEA, Loic Triger, will then explain the risks posed by insecure file transfers as well as the potential financial, reputational and legal impacts. Finally, Andrew Glencross, senior IT specialist for NHS Wales, will present: 'How NHS Wales Secures the Journey of its Data'.
Ipswitch File Transfer provides an extensive range of products and services designed to support enterprise application integration, streamlined data workflows and managed file transfer (MFT). MOVEit is a managed file transfer system that transfers business files reliably and securely, automates file-based business workflows, and provides employees with an IT-approved solution to send files.
Data Security Lunch & Learn event: 'How NHS Wales Secures the Journey of its Data'
will be held on Tuesday 24 September at Eight Club in Bank, London.

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