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Homeland alert! Beware of the Internet (but e-mailing, web browsing and file sharing are okay)

There was yet another security breach inside the government this week and this one involved an employee sending personal information via the Internet. What in the world does that mean? Open letter to the White House CIO: please better define what you mean by Internet. As I said in earlier […]

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Living at the Intersection of People and Technology

People are non-consistent, incredibly stubborn and risk prone when it comes to information technology. Bottom line you can’t nor should you depend on them to accurately establish and mitigate risk according to your corporate standards and policies. What incredibly geeky statement to make… But it’s absolutely true. The future set […]

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Join Ipswitch in Helping Haiti

It’s been seven days since the impoverished island nation of Haiti was devastated by a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake.  The scene in Port-au-Prince is dire–buildings have collapsed into heaps of concrete and dust, thousands of victims are desperate for aid, and thousands more remain missing beneath the debris. It’s crucial that […]

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Frank Kenney: Problem with the prosumer is leading to an information security headache

Frank Kenney, Ipswitch’s VP of Global Strategy, recently spoke in London at a press conference for InfoSecurity Europe, Europe’s leading information security event which take place on April 27-29, 2010. Dan Raywood from SC Magazine UK attended this week’s press conference and his article can be seen below: “Problem with […]

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