Time To Value

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One of the most frequently asked questions that I have fielded throughout my career as both a sales person and as an executive has been  “What makes your product different from everyone else’s?” or “How is your company different?” I generally see the response go one of two ways. Either the respondent looks like a deer in the head lights stunned by the simple question or they start to talk. And talk, and talk … to the point where you have no idea what they said.

At Ipswitch it is a real simple answer – it is “time to value”. We enable users (people and/or companies) to start using and receiving the benefit of our software as soon as they download it!  It is a very basic concept that goes back to the beginning of our company almost 20 years ago – build software that is easy to install and use that solves everyday problems. Build software that does what it says it will do – simply, reliably and intuitively. Provide support, when needed, the same way.

Today, companies are under tremendous pressure to cut costs, to do more with less and to leverage the limited resources available to them to accelerate their return on investment.  Truly delivering on time to value enables our customers to not only survive, but to thrive under these conditions.   It is why we have grown substantially over the past two years of economic turmoil.   Time to value is a timeless value, one that we embrace as much today as we did when we started the company.  And, time to value is a value that millions of our customers share.

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