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Budgeting for a Data Breach

I was reading an article about budgeting for a data breach and it got me thinking. A breach is only as damaging as the publicity and awareness around it. I just found out that the lock on my backdoor has been broken for the last year and a half. What […]

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Net Neutrality Dead – For Now?

As most IT folks already know, “Net Neutrality” was dealt a blow today in federal court.  (,comcast-fcc-net-neutrality-040610.article ) This has impact on the file transfer industry, as some carriers could now consider non-HTTP/S protocols such as FTP, SSH, FTPS and AS3 as non-core or superfluous and work to throttle […]

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What about file transfer in a high availability environment?

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Let’s Talk About Google Talk

With the announcement last week that Google is adding file transfer to Google Talk, I had some thoughts.   1). Are there security challenges posed by the Google Talk news? These challenges are similar to those we’ve seen with Windows Live, AIM, ICQ, Trillian, Skype and others, which all offer peer-to-peer mechanisms. […]

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