Peeling the Sterling Onion

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Shocker!  So let me get this straight…. A leader in the B2B Gateway, MFT, and Integration Provider markets gets acquired and the leading analysts firms in the universe reduce it to an apps in the Cloud story????  SMH.  Let’s peel away just one layer of the onion… Just one layer, no analysis needed on this one.

Companies with investments in Connect:Direct and/ or Connect:Enterprise have to think long and hard about continuing their reliance on the NDM protocol.  We aren’t talking about just two or three companies, we are talking about thousands of financial, manufacturing, healthcare and telecomm companies.  So we need some advice on this one…

Companies with investments in the many code bases that make up the Gentran Server line need to wonder just how long they will be supported and/ or how much new functionality they will get.  With Gentran joining the ranks of WDI, Mercator, Ascential, and Crossworlds, which transformation engine should I be depending on?  Need advice also here….

“Sterling Commerce is a complement to the recent Cast Iron acquisition.”  Huh what does this mean?  And what does the Cloud have to do with this.  IBM says that they have more access to communities of users.  OK.  What does this mean?

Here is a futuristic spin… Sterling Commerce has tens of thousands of endpoints and can enforce policies on data moving in and out of the domain, including Cloud providers… Making Sterling Commerce the perfect foundation for a viable Cloud brokerage.  Wanna know more check out the research from Daryl Plummer and Beniot Lheureux @

If the analysts guys want to be forward thinking and futuristic, that’s fine take us to the land of Cloud mediation and brokerage.  But please, please give us insight on what we need to do now that a major technology provider with tens of thousands of customers is being acquired and that technology is disappearing into the ubiquitous suite… Websphere.

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