MOVEit Crypto earns new FIPS 140-2 validation

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MOVEit Crypto, the encryption component used to secure data and settings in MOVEit DMZ and MOVEit Central in mission-critical, Internet-exposed applications, has been revalidated under FIPS 140-2 and has been issued certificate #1363.   This certificate should be available on the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP)’s website ( in 1-2 weeks.

The changes in MOVEit Crypto that required the revalidation were mainly related to the introduction of “SHA-2″ hashes such as as SHA-256.  As you may already be aware, use of unkeyed SHA-1 hashes will be disallowed in U.S. government applications by the end of the year.  (Weaker hashes such as MD5 and non-cryptographic quality integrity checks such as CRC are already disallowed.)  Fortunately, existing MOVEit products make use of keyed SHA-1 hashes (not the unkeyed hashes that will soon be disallowed), so use of existing MOVEit products with the older version of MOVEit Crypto will be allowed in U.S. government applications well beyond the end of the year.

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