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To SaaS, or not to SaaS – That is the question.

I’ve been asked at least a dozen times over the last month “What are the benefits of a cloud-based hosted subscription versus an on-premises software deployment?”. “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.” ~ Hamlet There are many benefits of going SaaS, just like there are benefits of […]

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Major Security Hole in iTunes Accounts Linked to PayPal

“Reports are appearing this morning about a major security hole in iTunes accounts linked to PayPal. At least one group of scammers has found a way to charge thousands of dollars to iTunes accounts through PayPal.” Erick Schonfeld, on, gives us this breaking news on the latest iTunes security […]

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The Web is Dead and You’re Wanted for Questioning

Did you kill the web? Let’s check your alibi. Think of how you spent your morning. Normally, I’d share my morning with you here, what websites I’ve visited and what apps I’ve used, but my boss reads my blog posts, and if she knew how much time I spent on […]

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Senate Data Breach Bill – Did Schoolhouse Rock Ever Have Data Breach Songs?

“As more and more of our personal information is collected and stored online and on computers, we need to ensure that the businesses storing this information are keeping it safe and giving us quick warning if it falls into the wrong hands.” Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and chairman of the […]

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Pantless, geeky flight attendant says “WS_FTP ROCKS!”

Big shout out to GKlausner for his video on WS_FTP.  Your creativity, knowledge and love of Polly Pocket dolls and WS_FTP is both informative and amusing! Pantless geeky flight attendant:  “Check out a company called Ipswitch.  They have a product called WS_FTP, and this thing is the private luxury liner […]

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Misuse, but not malicious

I recently blogged about some pretty alarming statistics from the newly published 2010 Data Breach Investigation Report. Let’s take a closer look at the 48% of breaches that involved privilege misuse. I guarantee you that a large chunk of employee misuse is 100% non-malicious.  In many cases, it’s the hardest […]

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The New CIO – Problem Solver, Data Breach Warrior and Cyborg

“Estimate how many pieces of sensitive files and data your company has … Now multiply that by $204. I’m sure you’ll agree that the ROI on the time and resources spent to protect company data are well worth the investment.” Hugh Garber – in a July 28th, 2010 blog Hugh […]

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