An OMG Look at Some New Acronyms

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Every so often, you have to SYH (shake your head) at the acronyms created by technology companies
Shane O’Neill, Publisher of CIO magazine and

O’Neill has a great point. I remember back in my freelance days I was in some meetings where project managers would reach into a box of Alpha-Bits, grab a handful, toss them on the table and produce the newest acronyms for their latest projects.

Just the other day I was working on a post and came across an acronym I was unfamiliar with. I Googled it, I hit Wikipedia and eventually I figured it out, but it took me much longer than I thought it would take.

Who knew there would be so many definitions for three little letters?

O’Neill poses a lighthearted, but interesting question in his article “Ten Ridiculous New Tech Acronyms.” O’Neill asks if it is “any surprise that acronyms have taken over our lives? They fit perfectly in our fast-paced, multi-tasking society. Why say something in words if you can say it in letters?”

When you consider our industry, O’Neill says that the tech acronyms “can be inscrutable, unintentionally funny, accidentally crass, or just goofy. In total, they add up to a big steaming bowl of alphabet soup.”

Here’s an OMG look at some new LOL acronyms: “Ten Ridiculous New Tech Acronyms

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