Healthcare organization NHS Wales meets compliance goals with Managed File Transfer

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For healthcare organization NHS Wales, safeguarding healthcare data is of critical importance.

For healthcare organization NHS Wales, it is critically important to safeguard healthcare data and meet compliance goals.

When it comes to understanding the value of Managed File Transfer (MFT), sometimes the best approach is to see how it has helped organizations address their real-world issues. In this case, we look at how a publicly funded healthcare organization – NHS Wales – tackled security challenges associated with the transfer of highly sensitive data.

Healthcare organizations responsible for protecting such data have their work cut out for them – they must carefully rationalize and secure information flow while working to optimize patient care and manage operating expenses. It’s not an easy task.

As part of providing care services for three million citizens of Wales, NHS Wales is tasked with securing files and data without impeding its 65,000 staff nationwide working across hospitals, university hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics, dental practices, palliative care, pharmacies and more.

Like employees in many organizations, NHS Wales’ staff struggled to securely share information between sites around the UK – especially when large file sizes or sensitive information were involved. As a workaround, they resorted to posting paper copies of records, or couriering discs of MRI scans and x-rays.

NHS Wales knew it needed a better way of working, one that simplified daily tasks for its employees while also meeting compliance goals for ISO security standards and UK data protection requirements.

The organization found its solution in a robust and secure managed file transfer system. Once NHS Wales put the new system in place, “More and more agencies began asking us if they could take advantage of the service too. We then began rolling it out to other health boards and trusts so that they could also share information securely with their third-parties, such as police crews, ambulance operators, social services, and others – and we simply haven’t stopped!” reports Andrew Glencross, senior IT security specialist at NHS Wales Informatics Service.

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