Managed File Transfer: Streamline and Secure Daily Processes for Employees Working Remotely

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mobile file transferIn my last post, I covered how managed file transfer (MFT) makes sure that files are kept secure and more easily integrate into processes. Specifically, I shared examples of how MFT helps ensure compliance within highly regulated industries when it comes to file transfer. In this post, I share examples of how MFT helps keep processes smooth and secure for distribution and oil & manufacturing organizations.

Distribution: Quickly and Securely Initiating Sales

mobile-iconGenerating new orders is the ultimate measure of a sales reps’ productivity and contribution to the organization. That’s why mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets have been a dream for businesses, making it possible to keep orders flowing no matter where sales reps are located. But a breach of sensitive pricing and customer information can quickly come back to haunt an organization. After all, who wants the publicity, financial penalties, and loss of customer trust and future transactions that often follow on the heels of a data breach?

By using a tablet with MFT installed, a sales rep at a customer site can securely generate and deliver an approved price quote document, initiating the process from his tablet. Once approved, the price quote is automatically and securely delivered to the customer and internal business systems are updated with information from the quote – all because of MFT. The automated process streamlines quote generation and approval, and ensures that sensitive pricing and customer information is protected during every step of the process.

Oil and Manufacturing: Bringing Processes into the 21st Century

oil-and-gasIn the past, oil and manufacturing engineers didn’t have many good choices when it came to managing their daily processes. Often working in the field, they had to carry paper copies of documents, anticipate before they departed their office which electronic documents they might need, or make a second expensive return trip to the field. And, if files needed to be modified based on information collected in the field, engineers had to wait until they returned to the office to make the updates.

With MFT in place, engineers can be anywhere in the world and securely access and edit shared large unstructured data files such as geo-physical information, equipment specifications or designs remotely on their tablets. And with advanced MFT solutions, organizations can even make sure that files automatically delete on a pre-determined expiration date.

For more information on how Ipswitch File Transfer removes critical mobile work obstacles, check out this earlier post  on MOVEit 8.0 support for mobile security.

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