Friday Five: 1/24 Edition

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IFT-blog-fridayWelcome to the first installment of the Friday Five, curated content from around the web—covering mainly file transfer news, but also broader IT trends and funny things. Enjoy!

  1. Retailers beware! Reports are predicting more retail security breaches in 2014.
  2. Five IT trends to watch in 2014—a good list that goes beyond the alphabet soup of IT acronyms du jour.
  3. More research showing a disconnect between IT and end-users when it comes to transferring, sharing and saving company data. #CantWeAllJustGetAlong
  4. YouTube artist recreates Gerudo Valley from Zelda… awesome!
  5. And… finally, the Mac turns 30 today! Watch Apple’s video celebrating outliving the other PC makers from the time.
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