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800,000 Reasons Why MFT is Important

“We are sorry for any concern we are causing anyone at this time.” It’s pretty certain that those are 13 words that no CEO ever wants to have to say. Just ask Richard H. Aubut, president and CEO of the Weymouth hospital. Seems that some computer files containing the personal […]

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Weaponized Software – A New Attack on Windows … and it’s Nasty

computer virus pic

There’s some interesting news going on regarding a warning that Microsoft gave on Friday (7/16/10) about hackers exploiting a critical unpatched Windows vulnerability. I read on that “hackers have been exploiting a bug in Windows ‘shortcut’ files, the placeholders typically dropped on the desktop or into the Start menu […]

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Havlicek Steals The Ball – No One Steals The Data: Information Security And The Boston Celtics

We’ve all been to the company meeting where tons of sports metaphors have been thrown about. From the in-depth analysis of how the company is just like the Patriots, with the CEO being Tom Brady, all the way to the simple comparison of your department being just like the Celtics […]

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Got iTunes? Got iRobbed?

Security stories are always interesting, but it’s the goose bump evoking fallout that’s most fascinating – especially when it’s a hacking story. In this instance, anyone with an iTunes account could be at risk. Zee, Editor in Chief of The Next Web reported that an app developer, Thuat Nguyen, managed […]

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Russian Spies – Their Incredible Uber Tech Security Practices

Have you heard about the Russian Spies that got busted recently for basically using for security what we get as prizes in our Boo Berry Cereal. Invisible ink pens? Really? What’s next? Dr. No using Mad Libs and carrier pigeons to transfer data? For you spies out there, let this […]

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