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David Jackson

David Jackson
David Jackson is responsible for product line management and strategy for Analytics and Reporting. His broad skill-set includes general management, new product introduction, product lifecycle management, Agile/Scrum and security. Dave has introduced a series of new and innovative products which has generated over a billion dollars of product sales while with VideoIQ, Tyco/American Dynamics, E Ink, The MathWorks, and Analog Devices. His approach is to create easy to use solutions for complex problems. Dave has spent his time driving global and multi-channel sales channels and creating new markets/categories at start-ups and multinational organizations. Dave has a B.S. from Boston University in International Management and a MBA from Boston College.

3 Steps to Compliant File Transfers

checklist compliance

In my last post, I covered common regulations, who is affected, and what is required from a file transfer standpoint to satisfy them. In this post, I explain three steps your organization can take to make sure your file transfers satisfy regulatory requirements. Characterize the types of file transfers your […]

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Compliance and File Transfer: Common Regulations and Security Requirements

Increasingly, organizations need to comply with one or more regulations. If you are in this situation, you can satisfy auditors or regulators by proactively establishing measurable and repeatable policies and procedures to ensure effective access control. In my last post, I outlined three steps to achieve effective access control. Here I […]

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File Transfer and Compliance: 3 Proven Steps to Ensure Effective Access Control

file transfer compliance

Surveys indicate that many companies fail IT audits of both internal company policies and external regulatory frameworks (i.e., HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ITAR, etc.). Yet avoiding such failures is critical in light of the vast number of external threats such as hacks that occur almost daily. At the same time, employees can […]

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