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Coming soon: call MessageWay translation from MOVEit Central

We’re two months into ownership of MessageWay and leading the organization through its second acquisition integration has been fun and challenging. It’s especially nice when we can announce a milestone in the integration process, and that will be coming soon with the release of a “translation connector” existing MOVEit Central […]

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Microsoft recognizes Ipswitch as a “MidMarket Solution Provider”

Today Microsoft recognized Ipswitch as a “MidMarket Solution Provider” under its Certified Partner Program.  This recognition was awarded on the strength of recommendations from Ipswitch’s customers and on the depth of technical knowledge in the company. Ipswitch now holds two Microsoft competencies: “MidMarket Solution Provider” and “Independent Software Vendor” (a.k.a. […]

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Microsoft announces that nearly half of world’s Windows 7 installations are now 64-bit

Microsoft announced today that almost half of the PCs running Windows 7 are running the 64-bit edition, a number that is sure to grow to “more than half” soon as shipments of 64-bit machines continue to outpace 32-bit machines (77% to 23% in April 2010). Along with this milestone, […]

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MOVEit Crypto earns new FIPS 140-2 validation

MOVEit Crypto, the encryption component used to secure data and settings in MOVEit DMZ and MOVEit Central in mission-critical, Internet-exposed applications, has been revalidated under FIPS 140-2 and has been issued certificate #1363.   This certificate should be available on the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP)’s website ( in 1-2 weeks. […]

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Expert encourages “Cloud Escrow;” Ipswitch provides

In a July 1, 2010 Register article entitled “the cloud’s impact on security“, Tony Lock provides a definition of “Cloud Escrow”: “…if you are using external cloud resources, look at how the data and any intellectual property invested in the processing engines employed to manipulate data can be moved to […]

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Microsoft Recognizes Ipswitch as an “Independent Software Vendor” in its Certified Partner Program

Today Microsoft recognized Ipswitch as an “Independent Software Vendor” (ISV) in its Certified Partner Program. Ipswitch was previously enrolled in the program with a security competency but was recognized today as an ISV after L10NBRIDGE provided third-party certification of WS_FTP Professional 12.2’s fitness under Microsoft Windows 7. In addition to […]

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EDI in our DNA

As part of our acquisition of MessageWay Solutions I had the chance to sit down and talk with Architect Bob Cheal.  One of the things I didn’t expect to hear over dinner was our common roots in technology from Burroughs, a key mainframe middleware player in the late 1980s and […]

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