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PCI council to switch from two-year to three-year life cycle

Today the PCI Security Standards Council will announce that its three main publications will switch to a synchronized three year cycle.   There will still be a new PCI DSS coming out this October, but the next one will not come out until fall 2013. This shows that the payment card […]

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Ipswitch File Transfer’s SaaS Offerings Now Running MOVEit DMZ 7.0

Over the weekend support manager Kevan Bard and his operations team successfully upgraded Ipswitch File Transfer’s MOVEit DMZ Hosted Services (that’s MOVEit DMZ software as a service) to version 7.0.  There were two highly-available setups one thousand files apart involved in the upgrade, and a significant banking customer on this […]

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Ipswitch MOVEit and WS_FTP Safe From Latest SQL/IIS Attack

IIS administrators, you may have already seen this attack listed on your favorite security sites. Mass SQL Injection Attack Hits Sites Running IIS However, I have good news if you’re an Ipswitch customer running MOVEit DMZ or WS_FTP Server under IIS: the filtering mechanisms in both products designed to […]

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iPad vs. File Transfer

It’s been a while since I’ve seen “file transfer” as a headlining productivity problem for end users, but here it is making an appearance in an article about how hard it is to use the iPad in the context of an average end user’s collection of gear. Prisoner of iTunes […]

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Do you transform your files today? You might be surprised!

One of the interesting debates in the Managed File Transfer industry right now is how much file transformation really takes place between users and systems. At one end of the spectrum, you have pure ad-hoc solutions (such as the modules for MOVEit DMZ and WS_FTP Server) that people often use […]

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Ipswitch Steps Up To Replace Legacy Technology After Sterling Acquired by IBM

The growth and evolution of the managed file transfer industry continues to be a blessing for Ipswitch and our partners. The acquisition of Sterling Commerce by IBM (article) presents an opportunity for both companies’ customers and prospects to reexamine their challenges around advanced file services. Proprietary technologies and protocols such […]

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Tactical Need to Segment for PCI

PCI audit regulations around scope continue to drive the need for people to segment their networks, applications and often, their equipment.   At Ipswitch, we often see new enterprise customers fed up with their monolithic legacy systems coming to us with a “tactical” need to segment. Typically, these customers leave a […]

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