File Security

End-to-End Encryption Can Prevent a Truckload of Trouble

Data in transit needs secure protection to ensure it reaches its destination. End-to-end encryption can provide just that.

Don’t look now, but you and your IT team may be in the trucking and secure-transport business. And naturally, you’ll need end-to-end encryption.

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How Continuous Data Protection Can Secure More File Transfers

Continuous Data Protection

Why are data-sensitive environments so hesitant to give up on the tried and true physical copy? Three words: continuous data protection.

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360T Avoids Liability with a Secure File Transfer System


Trading Frustration for Secure File Transfer 360 Treasury Systems AG (360T) provides multi-bank trading services to more than 4,000 customers, and actively manages the transfer of more than a half million documents to its customers. Before using MOVEit, Ipswitch’s managed file transfer system, 360T was having trouble providing customers with […]

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David Lacey’s Tips for Building a Secure Data Transfer Solution


When it comes to designing a secure and compliant system for file transfers and data handling, system administrators face multiple competing standards and large regulatory burdens. Thesechallenges require companies to put a lot of effort into defining how their data flows work. It’s not just a question of sending processes […]

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Credit Union’s New FTP Program To Meet Regulatory Compliance


The State Employee Credit Union (SECU) of North Carolina has a mission to provide the best possible online financial services to its 2 million members.  As a result, the IT team at SECU has created an IT environment that focuses on speed, reliability and security. Yet, the IT team had […]

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Healthcare IT Cyber Security Is Good Enough – Really?


One night you find yourself watching the news and – surprise! – Another company has reported a data breach. The next day at Starbucks the cashier swipes your card, but the card doesn’t work. Now you have to take a detour to the bank. At the bank you find out […]

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File Transfer Meets HIPAA Compliance at Rochester Regional Healthcare


Are you ready for the Ipswitch Innovate Virtual Summit? It kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 21.) and this post marks my final customer session preview. This sneak peak features Dylan Taft,  systems engineer at Rochester Regional Healthcare, who will present his tale from the front lines entitled “Transfer Regulated or Confidential Files” at 12:00pm ET on […]

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