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European Businesses Feel the Financial Burden of Preparing for GDPR

Ipswitch GDPR Survey Findings (UK version)

New data protection laws in the European Union are looming. Most notable of them all is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ipswitch commissioned a survey of 300 European IT pros* to see how preparations are going. The GDPR survey results showed that overall, businesses are really feeling the financial burden […]

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Introducing Ipswitch Failover for Zero Downtime and no Data Loss

Ipswitch Failover Architecture: Ipswitch Failover heartbeat communication between primary and secondary servers continuously replicates data at the windows kernel level ensuring zero data loss in the event of a failure.

Today, we announced the release of Ipswitch Failover, a new MOVEit Managed File Transfer module that delivers zero data loss, no single point of failure and maximized availability through fast failover. Ipswitch Failover enables IT teams to provide highly available continuous file transfer operations and safeguard against data loss for […]

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5 Ways Managed File Transfer Makes IT Pros’ Do Better

Simple & Secure File Transfer: 5 Ways to Make it Work for You

The responsibility for safeguarding sensitive company information and securely transferring it falls on the already stretched thin IT departments. Luckily, there are many options available for IT when it comes to file transfer. Email, FTP, USB drives and EFSS services like Dropbox to name more than a few. Yet none […]

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How to Simplify a Compliance Audit


With an alarming number of security breaches and data loss this past year, maintaining compliance with industry regulations is a top concern for IT pros and senior leadership. So why are IT departments leaving compliance and security processes to chance? (Particularly those in highly sensitive industries like finance, healthcare and […]

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Ipswitch Study: Compliance Audit or a Root Canal?

Don't Get Drilled by a Compliance Audit! (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

Today we announced some pretty interesting survey findings that stem from our poll of 313 IT pros in the U.S. that highlight the difficulties IT teams face when preparing for compliance audits. Regulatory guidelines demand full transparency and protection of critical business data across the borderless enterprise. Even with this in mind, […]

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Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Ten Major MFT Requirements

Click on the image to download your free copy of Managed File Transfer for Dummies today!

Last week we broke down the real-world benefits of managed file transfer (MFT) as part of our ongoing series around our new reference book, Managed File Transfer for Dummies. This week, we share highlights from the final chapter, which looks at ten major MFT requirements to take into consideration when […]

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Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Achieving Data Security


Last week, we shared some insight from the first chapter of our new reference book entitled Managed File Transfer for Dummies. This week, we’ll take a look at some highlights from Chapter 2. Whether by regulation or by a business need, data often needs to be kept secret. Managed file transfer provides many […]

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