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MFT Is Superior

The Ziff Davis survey on Managed File Transfer did a nice job amplifying the aspects of currently deployed file transfer methods people think need the most improvement. Checking in at #1 and #2 on the “improvements needed to my existing file transfer methods” list are SPEED and SECURITY.  This only fuels […]

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MFT Is the Unsung Security and Compliance Solution

Ziff Davis recently published a study on Managed File Transfer that heralds MFT solutions as “the unsung security and compliance solution”.  Eric Lundquist sets the stage nicely: “Everyone is talking about the need to collaborate more effectively and put employees closer to customers in a real time business environment. But until […]

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An OMG Look at Some New Acronyms

“Every so often, you have to SYH (shake your head) at the acronyms created by technology companies” Shane O’Neill, Publisher of CIO magazine and O’Neill has a great point. I remember back in my freelance days I was in some meetings where project managers would reach into a box […]

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Microsoft announces that nearly half of world’s Windows 7 installations are now 64-bit

Microsoft announced today that almost half of the PCs running Windows 7 are running the 64-bit edition, a number that is sure to grow to “more than half” soon as shipments of 64-bit machines continue to outpace 32-bit machines (77% to 23% in April 2010). Along with this milestone, […]

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EDI in our DNA

As part of our acquisition of MessageWay Solutions I had the chance to sit down and talk with Architect Bob Cheal.  One of the things I didn’t expect to hear over dinner was our common roots in technology from Burroughs, a key mainframe middleware player in the late 1980s and […]

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PCI council to switch from two-year to three-year life cycle

Today the PCI Security Standards Council will announce that its three main publications will switch to a synchronized three year cycle.   There will still be a new PCI DSS coming out this October, but the next one will not come out until fall 2013. This shows that the payment card […]

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Why is MFT important?

Industry expert Michael Osterman shares some great editorial and perspective in Messaging News on the Ipswitch acquisition of MessageWay.  He starts by pointing out that Ipswitch is positioned as a “Leader” in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer….. As well as Ipswitch’s proven track record in the […]

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