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Peeling the Sterling Onion

Shocker!  So let me get this straight…. A leader in the B2B Gateway, MFT, and Integration Provider markets gets acquired and the leading analysts firms in the universe reduce it to an apps in the Cloud story????  SMH.  Let’s peel away just one layer of the onion… Just one layer, […]

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Ipswitch Steps Up To Replace Legacy Technology After Sterling Acquired by IBM

The growth and evolution of the managed file transfer industry continues to be a blessing for Ipswitch and our partners. The acquisition of Sterling Commerce by IBM (article) presents an opportunity for both companies’ customers and prospects to reexamine their challenges around advanced file services. Proprietary technologies and protocols such […]

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IBM Buys Sterling- A Glimpse From The Land Of Rounding Errors

To some folks this is just a flash banner on a website, amongst the many marketing messages that you typically find on a technology provider’s dot com website. “IBM acquires Sterling Commerce from AT&T for $1.4B”. For many customers it means reconsidering 30 year old technology that enables many mission […]

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HTML 5, Memristors and Software Piracy

A quick summary of key industry happenings: A) The economic impact of piracy (including software) is *really* not understood: See pages 15 – 19 of the full report in particular. I’ve always been skeptical of the piracy claims, good to see someone actually reviewed them. I think it is […]

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What effect does Symantec’s acquisition of PGP Corp have on Ipswitch customers?

It’s been less than a day and I’ve already been asked twice about the effect of Symantec’s acqusition of PGP Corporation (announced today) will have on Ipswitch customers. The technical answer is “none”.   The OpenPGP standard has governed the industry for several years now and almost all PGP implementations, including […]

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New professional services to complement innovative managed file transfer solutions

Ipswitch File Transfer takes pride in the fact that our solutions are installed and configured quickly by customers.  A key differentiator of ours in the marketplace is that our solutions are deployed much quicker than other vendor products, resulting in our customers seeing very rapid time-to-value from their investment. However, […]

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Budgeting for a Data Breach

I was reading an article about budgeting for a data breach and it got me thinking. A breach is only as damaging as the publicity and awareness around it. I just found out that the lock on my backdoor has been broken for the last year and a half. What […]

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