Are you integrating file transfer and eDiscovery too?

This month I was working with a large U.S.-based bank on a file transfer eDiscovery project.  In the past, when people thought about eDiscovery, they though about email only, or maybe also instant messages.  Now, however, it’s dawned on IT and risk management groups that business documents, plans, sale figures […]

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Net Neutrality Dead – For Now?

As most IT folks already know, “Net Neutrality” was dealt a blow today in federal court.  (,comcast-fcc-net-neutrality-040610.article ) This has impact on the file transfer industry, as some carriers could now consider non-HTTP/S protocols such as FTP, SSH, FTPS and AS3 as non-core or superfluous and work to throttle […]

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Breached individuals have the right to know… now!

I’ve been following the data breach that occurred at HSBC Private Bank in Switzerland.    Seems that an employee stole data on 24,000 accounts over three years ago, but the details of the breach weren’t clear to the company until earlier this month when the Swiss government returned data files back […]

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File Transfer vs. SOAP?

“Why are we still FTP’ing files to each other in 2010?” That is one of the philosophical questions I get to ponder almost once a week as I chat with my colleagues in the industry.  Part of the answer is easy: “Almost everyone has or knows about FTP.”   Based on […]

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Cloud vs. Global? (Topic from RSA Conference – March 3, 2010)

One of the hot debates among cloud watchers has been whether cloud vendors will someday federate and provide transparent services across continental boundaries. Microsoft provided an interesting twist to this debate just before the RSA Conference kicked off here in San Francisco. As noted by Gavin Clark in The Register: […]

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Best questions from floor of RSA Conference (Tuesday, March 2, 2010)

Best three questions from floor of RSA Conference today (Tuesday, March 2, 2010): 1) What are you doing about federated authentication? (state government) Answer: We’re looking at it.  Our products already offer extensive support for LDAP, RADIUS, ODBC and other external authentication sources, and single-signon solutions for CA Siteminder and […]

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