When hard work backfires

When interviewing job candidates, I’m always on the lookout for dedicated, motivated, passionate people that relish in rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  Why?  Because a little bit of chutzpah goes a long way towards being a successful and productive employee. But […]

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Why is MFT important?

Industry expert Michael Osterman shares some great editorial and perspective in Messaging News on the Ipswitch acquisition of MessageWay.  He starts by pointing out that Ipswitch is positioned as a “Leader” in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer….. As well as Ipswitch’s proven track record in the […]

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Advancing MFT Solutions

Word of today’s public announcement that Ipswitch has acquired MessageWay Solutions is already starting to spread, and fast.  Whether you’re an Ipswitch customer or employee, industry expert, or just learning about the Managed File Transfer space one thing is clear – The MFT industry is evolving and growing worldwide, both […]

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Do you transform your files today? You might be surprised!

One of the interesting debates in the Managed File Transfer industry right now is how much file transformation really takes place between users and systems. At one end of the spectrum, you have pure ad-hoc solutions (such as the modules for MOVEit DMZ and WS_FTP Server) that people often use […]

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“Inbox/Outbox” vs. Folders When Designing File Transfer Workflows

In the automated file transfer world there are two general user experiences. Workflow #1: Inbox/Outbox – When an end user (or application) signs on, it sees either one or two folders: an “inbox” where it can drop files and an “outbox” where he/she/it can pick them up.  Frequently when items […]

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Are X.509 certificates “winning” against webs of trust?

Shortly after Symantec acquired PGP Corp (see related post), I was involved in a debate about whether or not PKI implementations that depended on X.509 certificates were “winning” against PKI implementations that use “web of trust” (WOT).  After all, much of PGP’s original appeal, especially with underground communities, was that […]

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Solving Business Problems

I spent the day today at the CompuCom vendor fair in Dallas, TX.  CompuCom is one of Ipswitch’s sales channel partners, and the purpose of attending today’s event was to talk about Ipswitch File Transfer solutions with CompuCom’s team of account managers and sales representatives. Today’s goal was to raise […]

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