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Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Improving Agility and Productivity Through File Transfer Automation


If you’ve been following our blog the past few weeks, you’ve been getting an exclusive look at our new primer Managed File Transfer for Dummies. This week we’re diving into Chapter 3, where we explain how managed file transfer (MFT) can transform your enterprises’ file transfer operations. Automation and Control: Sure, […]

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Top 6 Requirements for Choosing File Transfer Technology

Ipswitch file transfer

Life throws a lot of really tough decisions at us, but choosing a file transfer technology shouldn’t be one of them. File transfer expert Don Jones offers a checklist of requirements, and today I’d like to share his top 6 that company should consider:  Security Requirements: Begin by determining what level of […]

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IT’s Time to Take Back Control (Infographic)

As an IT professional, this likely sounds all too familiar: Find a way(s) to keep business processes smooth and secure despite your lack of full control or visibility over the movement of files. As the type of data, threats, transfer scenarios and modes all continue to rise, you are expected […]

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No One Moves Files for Fun: Using Managed File Transfer Automation to Get Work Done

Moving Files to Get Work Done

In an earlier post, Managed File Transfer (MFT) is about PEOPLE Getting Work Done, I made the off-handed comment that our customers “do not move files for fun”, and what I hope to do in this post is expand on that idea a little bit. What I was trying to get across […]

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Managed File Transfer (MFT) is about PEOPLE Getting Work Done

managed file transfer diagram access for end users

Businesses exchange files. That was the basic premise of my last post, and the foundation on which I made a case for Managed File Transfer (MFT) as a critical category of infrastructure software behind B2B processes. I’d like to expand on that this week, to talk about the role people […]

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