Pulling Back the Curtain: How Ipswitch Uses MOVEit for Customer Support

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Moving Files to Get Work DoneIpswitch is committed to providing excellent customer support and that means equipping our staff with a complete view of the customer.  With this goal in mind, Ipswitch IT was challenged to implement a fully integrated CRM system that would link marketing, sales, and support processes to dynamic customer and partner portals.  Because we believe in using our own software, we were also charged with leveraging Ipswitch’s solution to make some of these integrations possible.  After recovering from the “you’re asking us to do WHAT?!!!” shock, we came up with something special.  Here are a few examples of how Ipswitch IT has integrated MOVEit technology with our customer support:

Receiving Large Files Securely from Customers: Our support teams often need to receive large log files, crash dumps and other pieces of data that support troubleshooting.  These files need to be treated with sensitivity as they may contain job and environment information.  CRM systems (Salesforce in our case) can also have serious file size and storage restrictions, making it difficult to store a file alongside a support case.  Using MOVEit File Transfer APIs, we are able to link our case submission forms to a large attachment handler that securely uploads customer data and references it with a Salesforce case.  The integration is seamless and solves a problem we could not have solved without MOVEit.

Software Delivery: Prior to launching a Salesforce customer portal, our MOVEit customers became accustomed to using a MOVEit-based support site to download products and documentation.  We wanted that practice to continue post-Salesforce but maintaining two portals seemed unattractive and would have resulted in a fragmented customer experience.  Using a MOVEit File Transfer integration, we are able to successfully deliver product via a MOVEit download process without asking our customers to visit separate portals.  Pretty cool!

We continue to look for ways to use our own products to enhance the services we provide to our customers and staff.  To that end, we actively monitor all of our systems and integrations using WhatsUp Gold.  It is great to be working in IT at a company that is so IT-focused!

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