Data Updates between Systems across Multiple Locations at a N.C. Credit Union


One week from today marks the start of the Ipswitch Innovate Virtual Summit and until then I’ll continue to share previews into sessions presented by our customers and Ipswitch experts. Today, join me for a quick peek at a case study by Robert Skinner, an IT team lead at the State Employee Credit […]

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[Infographic] What Is Ipswitch Innovate?


We are down to the final countdown for next week’s IT virtual conference, Ipswitch Innovate. As discussed, there will be much to take away from this virtual event, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your bed. But if you aren’t completely convinced yet, we’ve created this infographic […]

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Tips and Tricks for FTP and Network Monitoring


Today’s IT and security professionals are using FTP and network monitoring software to reduce risk, improve productivity, simplify IT tasks, automate routine operations and transform their IT departments for the better. By having the right tools for file transfer and network management on their tool belts, IT teams are getting […]

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Tech Gurus Advise on FTP Compliance and Scaling IT for IoT at Ipswitch Innovate 2015


For every IT pro who’s ever struggled to keep their head above water in a sea of changing network monitoring and secure file transfer requirements, here’s the lifeline you’ve been waiting for. Especially in the wake of the recent ruling that struck down Safe Harbor, more likely than not your […]

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New Protections For User Data Hurts Tech Industry


CJEU Rejects Safe Harbor Rules for User Data Transfer If you’ve been listening, the CJEU has just rejected the safe harbor rules put into place 15 years ago. The implications of this ruling could render many global companies in a tough spot, specifically companies that rely on the free transfer of data between […]

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European Businesses Feel the Financial Burden of Preparing for GDPR

Ipswitch GDPR Survey Findings (UK version)

New data protection laws in the European Union are looming. Most notable of them all is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ipswitch commissioned a survey of 300 European IT pros* to see how preparations are going. The GDPR survey results showed that overall, businesses are really feeling the financial burden […]

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Ipswitch Customers & IT Pros, Nominate Yourself for an #Innovate15 Award


You’re doing what with WUG? Really? Wow! If you’ve come up with a uniquely cool way to use Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, MOVEit, MessageWay or WS_FTP Server, here’s your chance to nominate your company for an Ipswitch Customer Award. This award competition will recognize Ipswitch customers for their creative use of […]

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