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Despite Increased Focus on Security, Dropbox Still Lacking


Earlier this year we warned of fake Dropbox emails that urge users to click on emails labeled as “urgent and highly confidential” documents. Those that followed these instructions were quickly added to the list of victims of a highly-effective phishing scheme as the redirect was to a false log-in page […]

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Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Understanding the Need for MFT

Click to get your free copy of Managed File Transfer for Dummies

Last week, we announced the release of our new reference book entitled Managed File Transfer for Dummies, written by security expert Randy Franklin Smith. Over the coming weeks, we will provide a sneak peek into each chapter of the book. Here’s a glimpse at Chapter 1: There are many different ways […]

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Using Dropbox? Get Ready for Spring Cleaning


Last week, IT Briefcase published a byline about spring cleaning your Dropbox account. I wrote the piece and thought I’d share it here: “April is finally here and that means IT teams, like everyone else, will be busy with their spring cleaning projects. While spring cleaning your house is a […]

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Identity Management in a Dropbox World

Dropbox Ipswitch

Yesterday Dropbox posted an update at the end of their 10/13 blog that noted their servers were not hacked. Apparently the compromised credentials in question were stolen from a different source. At the end of the day, Dropbox isn’t to blame. The stolen credentials were used to access multiple services, […]

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Good Morning! You’ve Been Breached!

In my many travels visiting customers and IT professionals around the world, I ask a simple question, “What do you do when you have to send a file to someone that’s just too big?”  They ask me how big is big?  I say too big for your email or even […]

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A Security Hole – is Dropbox Dropping the Ball?

Security researcher Derek Newton and a few Dropbox users have found a significant security hole in Dropbox. They published their results and Dropbox responded. Dropbox’s response is not adequate.  It’s not enough for them to bury their head in the sand and to say that this security gap is not […]

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