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HTML 5, Memristors and Software Piracy

A quick summary of key industry happenings: A) The economic impact of piracy (including software) is *really* not understood: http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-10-423. See pages 15 – 19 of the full report in particular. I’ve always been skeptical of the piracy claims, good to see someone actually reviewed them. I think it is […]

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Breached individuals have the right to know… now!

I’ve been following the data breach that occurred at HSBC Private Bank in Switzerland.    Seems that an employee stole data on 24,000 accounts over three years ago, but the details of the breach weren’t clear to the company until earlier this month when the Swiss government returned data files back […]

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Ipswitch’s insight on Cleo & Stonebranch: It all depends on what happens next

Multi-enterprise collaborative implementations and deployments can be extremely difficult to benefit from because all too often the companies deploying these solutions overly emphasize the security mechanisms and protocol support. While those aspects are important, the ecosystems around companies are expanding to include smaller partners and Prosumers that need to be […]

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