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Automating Data and File Workflows

In modern IT organizations time is your team's scarcest resource. And you and your team shouldn't be wasting precious time performing time-consuming and manual file transfer tasks. Unfortunately, many organizations are still leverage error-prone manual file transfer solutions and/or custom automation scripts that can fail at any time and are often costly to maintain.

MOVEit Central – a component of the MOVEit Managed File Transfer system – provides an automated data workflow solution for file-based business tasks. MOVEit Central offers a simple but powerful user interface for defining business workflows that’s easy enough for anyone on your IT team to use because no scripting is required. 
MOVEit Central is the part of the MOVEit File Transfer System that offers:

  • Simple user interface that makes defining file-based tasks easy
  • Reliable workflow engine ensures predictable, secure file delivery
  • Centralized console that provides instant visibility and control of file movement
  • Replacement for manual processes that are unreliable, home-grown
  • Confidence knowing you can meet your SLAs and compliance requirements

We needed to consolidate on a standard way to transfer files to many different payer systems, and MOVEit has been a great resource for us.

DYLAN TAFT, System Engineer, Rochester General Hospital

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