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FTP Replacement: What’s the Right Option for Your Organisation?

Not long ago, a standard FTP server and desktop FTP clients satisfied most file transfer needs within an organisation. Now, thanks to new security concerns and compliance laws, IT departments must deploy an FTP replacement before their sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.
Unfortunately, not every FTP replacement option is sufficient. Any FTP replacement solution must provide enterprise-grade security, comply with various regulations and offer complete visibility into the file transfer process. This is why thousands of organisations have chosen MOVEit as their FTP replacement. MOVEit offers a number of features not found in traditional FTP tools, notably:  

  • Security: MOVEit encrypts files in transit and at rest and leverages protocols such as FTPS, SFTP, SSH, and HTTP/S designed to give IT departments more security than standard FTP.  
  • Reliability: Failover, high availability and other options make MOVEit the most reliable FTP replacement.
  • Compliance: MOVEit was designed to help companies stay in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX and other regulations – something FTP is not equipped to handle.
  • Ease-of-use: MOVEit can be used securely through the apps and mobile devices employees already use. 

We decided FTP was not secure enough to protect our customers’ file transfers. We wanted a system to protect customer confidentiality and give us a level of visibility to know exactly what information is being sent, to whom, and when.

Grant Cocco, Systems Administrator at Enterasys, on why he switched to MOVEit.

File transfers are no longer an afterthought. They are a mission-critical part of your organisation’s day-to-day operations and they require an FTP replacement that is more sophisticated and secure.

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