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Hundreds of mid-market companies and enterprises rely on MessageWay for high-performance file transfer and integration. Here’s a detailed overview of MessageWay’s key features and functionality:

Centralized, high performance file transfer
  • Centralized location for all file transfer and processing jobs
  • Handles up to hundreds of thousands of transfers per day
  • Non-repudiation and guaranteed delivery
  • Support for clustering and load balancing
  • High availability for resiliency and failover
  • Multi-tiered architecture deployment: no data in the DMZ
Immediate visibility and control
  • Browser client to securely view and manage all file transfers
  • Server logs of all file transfer activity
  • Notifications of server events and completed transfers
  • Receipt notifications for late or missing messages
  • Automatic archiving of all data and files
  • Access to archive data for auditing and reporting
  • Ability to roll-back files and messages to previous versions
  • Automatic retention and process replay
  • Advanced analysis, reporting, and trending
  • Alerts based on user defined criteria including those supporting SLA metrics
  • Life-cycle tracking including views to subsequent applications/processes
  • Self-service access to reports for partners
Sophisticated workflows
  • Define and orchestrate workflows and scheduling of file-related processes
  • Establish rules for alerts and notifications
  • Integrate existing process flows
Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Use existing communication protocols, formats, scripts, process flows and custom programs
  • SOAP and REST based Web Services APIs
  • IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct adapters
  • Platform support includes UNIX, Linux, and Windows
  • Virtualized platform support
  • Syslog integration
Transformation of files and messages
  • Data transformation for destination-ready file delivery (flat files, XML, X12, EDI, AS2, ERP, SWIFT, ACH, HL7, BA12, and proprietary)
  • Transfer files using any supported protocols and messaging infrastructure: FTP, FTP/SSL, SSH/SFTP/SCP, HTTP/HTTPS, AS2, SMTP/POP3, IBM Sterling Connect:Direct, and IBM MQ
  • Integration with existing middleware and business applications, such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, TIBCO
File and message security
  • Tectia-ready offering support for FIPS 140-2
  • Encryption & protocol rules (FTPS, SFTP/SCP, and HTTP/S)
  • Storage encryption
  • Hardened server settings and OS independent security
  • Antivirus integration
  • File integrity checking
  • User and group provisioning, access and permissions
  • Password policies, including auto-expiration for users
  • Rules for IP and user lock-out and blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Expiration rules for files and folders on server
  • Simultaneous authentication against internal and external databases

Customer Success Story

b2b integration webinarBankservAfrica needed a B2B integration solution that could provide speed, security and compliance, and be fully automated and reliable enough to handle the increasing amounts of financial data processed daily. 

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