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The Benefits of MFT File Transfer

MFT File Transfer – or managed file transfer – is being adopted at a rapid pace by organizations in need of a more sophisticated way to store, send and share sensitive information. Despite the surge in popularity, many IT decision-makers still have questions about the benefits, mechanics and costs.

Answers to these questions can be found in MOVEit. An MFT file transfer solution from Ipswitch, MOVEit enables organizations to automate their file transfers through a single system – saving them time, effort and money.

High-level features include:

  • Simplified file transfers: MFT file transfer alleviates the headache of maintaining multiple systems and provisioning partners, giving you the ability to manage all of your file transfer processes from a central location.
  • Automated file transfers: A simple user interface makes it easy to automate and integrate file transfers without the need for scripting – giving IT a centralized, reliable, powerful workflow engine that’s usable by anyone on the team.
  • Easy adoption: MOVEit allows employees to send large and sensitive files securely through the apps and mobile devices they already use (iOS, Android, Microsoft Outlook and web browsers), helping you maintain control.
  • Compliance without chaos: MOVEit improves the governance of your file transfer processes, helping you confidently meet service level agreements, and satisfy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX and other regulations.

We ask all of our employees to make use of the MOVEit platform so that we can have full visibility of file transfers and assurance about what is being moved around the business.

WAYNE WATSON, Information Security Manager, NHBC (National House-Building Council)

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