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Proxy Server in the DMZ

Secure file transfer servers are sometimes deployed on a local private network along with a secure file transfer gateway (also known as a proxy or proxy server) in the publicly accessible network segment known as the DMZ (see diagram below).
mft gateway server diagram
The MFT gateway server plays a "man-in-the-middle" role, exchanging authentication credentials, file, and other data between remote clients and a transfer server on the local private network. One advantage that is frequently cited by some secure file transfer vendors is that gateways do not store files in the publicly accessible DMZ — in contrast to DMZ-based file transfer servers. 

Disadvantages of Using an MFT Gateway Server

While gateways are intended to create an extra layer of protection, serious security vulnerabilities are created when using a DMZ-based gateway with a server located on the local private network.

  • The gateway-to-server connection is an open hole straight through your firewall
  • A compromised gateway provides trusted access to the local private network
  • Gateway Servers are perfect for conducting Main-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, where an unauthorized party spoofs the gateway interface and reads credentials and even file contents 
Because of these security vulnerabilities, MOVEit File Transfer by Ipswitch does not require a gateway. Thousands of IT departments around the world take advantage of MOVEit for safe, multi-platform, trackable file transfer. Highlights include:
  • Secure: Industry-compliant encryption and decryption protocols (FIPS 140-2 validated AES) provide the highest level of security and authentication.
  • Compliance-ready: MOVEit meets or exceeds industry-standards including, PCI DSS 2.0, GLBA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and others.
  • Deploy On-Premise or In the Cloud: Choose where your data will reside, on-premise, in the cloud, or in a mixed environment.

We ask all of our employees to make use of the MOVEit platform so that we can have full visibility of file transfers and assurance about what is being moved around the business.

WAYNE WATSON, Information Security Manager, NHBC (National House-Building Council)

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