MOVEit Central File-Based Automation


Basic Product Information

Optional Modules

The following documents describe optional MOVEit Central capabilities provided in MOVEit Central.

  • OpenPGP Encryption Option - Overview of the commercially licensed OpenPGP encryption/decryption and key management capabilities built-in to MOVEit Central.
  • AS1, AS2 and AS3 File Transfer Option - Overview of how MOVEit Central does automated AS1, AS2 and AS3 secure file transfers using tightly integrated, commercially licensed, “eBusinessReady™” certified software.
  • Automated Failover Option - Overview of Central's high availability automated failover capabilities.
  • API - Third-party schedulers, scripts and workflows can be programmed to configure, control, monitor and report on file transfer processes.


The following documents describe technical and functional capabilities provided under the MOVEit Central Basic license.


Managed File Transfer 101