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MOVEit Managed File Transfer System

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Deploy On-Premise or Virtually Within Your Private Cloud

MOVEit File Transfer and MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer can be deployed on-premise, in the Cloud, or in a mixed on-premise and cloud environment. MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) is the on-premise deployment of Ipswitch’s enterprise-class Managed File Transfer offering.

On-premise deployment benefits include:

  • Quick installation and configuration by your IT staff
  • Interoperability with your IT infrastructure
  • Data stays in your network
  • Own and control your software

MOVEit File Transfer let's organizations:

  • Gain visibility and insight with extensive and customizable reporting
  • Manage, provision, and automate all internal and external file and data interactions
  • Create and enforce security policies and file-expiration rules
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption and non-repudiation
  • Give end users a simple and secure way to quickly transfer files with other people
  • Automate file transfer processes when paired with the MOVEit Central workflow engine

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer let's organizations:

  • Deploy a person-to-person file and data transfer system that meets employees' needs for convenience, ease of use, and speed with the governance required to protect the business, along with its customers and partners.
  • Securely send and receive files and messages between employees and business partners
  • Use Outlook® or a simple browser interface
  • Send filies of any size
  • Deploy solution as a standalone person-to-person offering

MOVEit™ Central is an on-premise solution to secure, automate, and streamline the most complex data workflows and processes. It works with both on-premise and Cloud deployments of MOVEit File Transfer and MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer.

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