MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ)

Flexible Selection of MOVEit Clients

All MOVEitclients are operable with MOVEit File Transfer, MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer or MOVEit Cloud.

MOVEit Client Details

  • MOVEit Compatible Clients - Listing of MOVEit and third-party HTTPS, SSH and FTP over SSL clients that can be used to securely exchange files with MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) servers. Includes discussion of protocols and firewall issues.
  • MOVEit Wizard Web Browser Plugins - Free commercially supported ActiveX and Java secure file transfer add-on clients that are compatible with all popular web browsers.
  • MOVEit Xfer Command-Line Clients - Free, commercially supported, firewall-friendly HTTPS-based secure file transfer Java and Windows command-line clients.
  • MOVEit Ad Hoc Outlook Plugin - Free client for Windows users. It enables secure transfer of files from within Microsoft Outlook and automated synchronization of a single desktop folder between trusted users.