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A single system that lets you manage, view, secure, and control all file transfer activities.

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MOVEit: The Trusted Choice for Secure Managed File Transfer

MOVEit is an automated file transfer system that lets you manage, view, secure and control all activity through a single system. You will always know where your files are with predictable, secure delivery and extensive reporting. MOVEit reduces the need for IT hands-on involvement and allows for user self-service as needed.  You can choose to implement MOVEit as an On Premise or Cloud solution – or hybrid.

MOVEit is a comprehensive automated file transfer system that gives companies the ability to:
  • Manage all file transfer activity from a central location
  • Transfer sensitive business files reliably and securely 24/7
  • Automate file-based business processes
  • Enable employees to easily send files
  • Gain greater visibility over file transfer activity
  • Meet security and compliance requirements
  • Integrate with existing IT security infrastructure
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud 

Components of the MOVEit Managed File Transfer System

MOVEit managed file transfer makes the file-transfer process fast, simple, and secure and is comprised of just a few functional components, including: 

Secure MFT Server

MOVEit File Transfer supports the broad set of protocols to connect with any system or client.

File-based Automation

MOVEit Central is a simple, elegant, and systematic way to automate file tasks.

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Employee File Transfer

With MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer, employees have an alternative to web-based consumer services. 

Mobile File Transfer

MOVEit Mobile lets workers participate in file-based tasks from their smartphone or tablet. 
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Deployment Options: Cloud or On-Premise

MOVEit offers a trusted file transfer solution whether you deploy on-premise, in the cloud or in a mixed cloud/on-premise environment

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Managed File Transfer Across Industries

MOVEit has helped hundreds of companies in some of the most data-sensitive industries discover a better way to manage file-based processes. To learn more, browse our collection of customer success stories. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

MOVEit has fantastic flexibility that allows us to manage, automate and monitor a very large volume of file transfers from a central console that is understandable and easy to use."

MATT PANKRATZ, Senior Systems Administrator,

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