MOVEit Cloud

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MOVEit Cloud Purchase Options

MOVEit Cloud Secure Email Attachments: The Secure Email Attachment option enables person-to-person file transfer in a visible and well-managed way. It offers users a secure way to quickly send messages and files of unlimited size to other people using their browser or Outlook.

MOVEit Cloud Professional: Users with unique credentials can upload or download files into folders according to per-user or group-based access control (password policy, account expiration policy, folder permissions, and authorized MFT interfaces) as configured by administrators.  Secure access is available from Windows desktop, web browsers or mobile devices.

MOVEit Cloud Premium: Users can access features available in both Secure Email Attachments and Professional options.

Modules that work with MOVEit Cloud

PCI Compliance Toolkit: An annual subscription for MOVEit Cloud’s certification as part of an overall PCI assessment by a qualified security assessor (QSA). Required when cardholder data is used.

HIPAA Compliance Toolkit: An annual subscription to support MOVEit Cloud’s certification as part of an overall HIPAA assessment by a qualified HIPAA auditor. Required when PHI is used.

API Interface: Provides third-party programs with programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit Cloud services and administrative capabilities to improve web application integration and automated account provisioning.

MOVEit Central: Easy and reliable file-based automation.