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Ipswitch is the first cloud Managed File Transfer (MFT) service provider to gain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS 2.0) Level 1 certification. Ipswitch's MOVEit Cloud service now meets the 12 rigorous requirements of PCI Compliance as certified by a Qualified Security Assessor.

By handling operational security and compliance tasks MOVEit Cloud takes significant pressure off your own security and compliance teams.  You will not only enjoy a managed cloud environment, but also the benefits of PCI certification which include:


  • Proven, compliant security that supports secure MFT needs and lowers risks by using Ipswitch’s team of security experts.
  • Reduced time and resources needed to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.
  • Packaged PCI-Certified Environment that includes documentation, processes and best practices for a streamlined approach to achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.
Ipswitch is offering a PCI Compliance Toolkit, an annual purchase that includes all the tools customers need to demonstrate MOVEit Cloud’s PCI certification within the scope of their PCI assessment, performed by an independent QSA. The Toolkit includes:
  • Additional terms and conditions for PCI, including breach notification: Customers can understand Ipswitch’s commitment to its MOVEit Cloud PCI certification and rely on notification of relevant incidents as described in the service agreement.
  • Executive Summary of Report on Compliance (RoC): The RoC contains the MOVEit Cloud assessment results, as performed by an independent QSA, which can be provided to a customer’s QSA.
  • Responsibility of Matrix of Controls: The Matrix of Controls is a line-by-line guide for MOVEit Cloud customers intent on demonstrating compliance, which tells them which controls they are responsible for, and which controls MOVEit Cloud is managing for them.
  • MOVEit Cloud Compliance Report Template: Ipswitch offers a report template that will capture information from MOVEit Cloud logs needed to demonstrate compliance.
  • Support in working with your Qualified Security Assessor: Ipswitch’s compliance team will provide counsel and support for customers with questions and best practices on demonstrating PCI compliance using MOVEit Cloud. 

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