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MOVEit Central File-Based Automation

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What's New in MOVEit Central

With a powerful user interface, MOVEit Central 8.0 makes it easy to automate file-based business processes. Data savvy organizations worldwide have standardized on MOVEit Central to increase visibility and control, simplify file-based integration, and streamline file automation processes.

Improved Performance – especially for power users and enterprise-wide implementations with:

  • More effective management of connections
  • Larger transfer support with configurable timeouts for all major protocols
  • Updates to key components to improve performance / system resources

Enhanced Security – enabling adherence to stronger and customized security policies with:
  • Centralized file permission management
  • Support for larger encryption keys
  • Enhanced SSH algorithm management

More Platforms – you can now leverage current industry platforms with support for Windows Server 2012 R1, SQL Server 2012, MySQL 5.5