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Understanding File Transfer Problems

 Website: Why IT Organizations Invest in Managed File Transfer

We hear it all the time: File transfer is becoming increasingly difficult. Regardless of company size or industry, it’s now painfully clear to IT departments that the status quo of file transfer is no longer sufficient. Today’s IT departments require a much broader set of capabilities and much easier setup and management capabilities.

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Understanding Managed File Transfer Solutions

From the Blog: Just What is Managed File Transfer?

Just what is managed file transfer? It’s easy to think of MFT as little more than file transfer on steroids, or a super slick FTP server. But it is more than that. Because the problems our customers are solving demand more than that. Our customers don’t move files for fun – they move files to get work done.

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Evaluating Managed File Transfer Solutions

From the Blog: Blueprint for a Successful File Transfer Project: Steps 1 and 2

Cutting over to any new software is daunting, but by following a proven methodology – or blueprint – if you will, you can pave the way for success. In this first of a two-part blog post post, Steve Staden, Director of Product Management, covers the first two steps in a proven four-step plan for ensuring a smooth implementation.

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  • MFT Project Management: Deployment , Integration, and Preparing for Audits: Vol 3

    Should you deploy MFT on premise or in the cloud (Software as a Service)? How do Managed File Transfer Systems integrate with SEIM systems? What should I look for in an MFT System--including: Encryption Standards, Flexibility with Protocols, Workflow, Data Handling and Clients? What will auditors like or dislike about Managed File Transfer? Get answers to these questions by downloading this guide by Don Jones, author of more than 30 IT books.

  • Choosing a File Transfer System: Comparing Solutions and Why to Consider Integrated MFT: Vol 4

    Developed by Don Jones, author of more than 30 IT books, this valuable guide answers a set of questions fundamental to Managed File Transfer (MFT) with detailed, real world answers. It covers key features like:Protocol Support, Access Control, Auditing, Process Automation and Workflow, Reliability, and Policy‐Based Management.

  • Case Studies: How Different Organizations Approach Managed File Transfer Vol 5

    For companies that have already embraced Managed File Transfer, the question is, “what’s next?” This guide by Don Jones, author of more than 30 IT books, offers a view of how different organizations have integrated MFT into their key business processes.

Managed File Transfer 101