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File Transfer Security and Compliance

5 Must-Haves for File Transfer Compliance

We know regulatory compliance is a big concern for organizations like yours. You want to pass compliance and security audits but you don’t want them to affect your IT team’s productivity. You also want to protect the sensitive data moving internally and externally with your company.

To help, we put together some great tips for compliance you can use in your business. 

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  • Highlights: Assessing Your File Transfer Conduits Against 10 IT Controls

    System Admin extraordinaire Randy Franklin Smith recently shared best practices on how to assess your organization's file transfer conduits against 10 IT controls including:

    • Encryption
    • Data integrity
    • Access Control
    • Compliance & auditing requirements

  • File Transfers in Financial Services: A Compliance Guide

    Simplify! Complying with governmental regulations doesn't have to be as complicated as your current file transfer is making it.  Automate and integrate across your organization and with partners, and move beyond the confusion of patchwork, home-grown systems — even move file transfer to the cloud.

  • Healthcare, Compliance and File Transfer the Challenge

    7 Stubborn Obstacles to Efficiently and Securely Transfer Files in a Healthcare Organisation -- and the Proven Solution that Overcomes Them
    HIPAA compliance doesn’t have to be as difficult, timely and costly as your current file transfer is making it. Always know where files are, and completely automate and integrate the file transfer process—even take it to the cloud.

Evaluating Managed File Transfer Solutions

Info-Tech Research Group Managed File Transfer Vendor Landscape

Many organizations are looking at managed file transfer (MFT) vendors to meet regulatory compliance, increase security & automate file transfers. This Vendor Landscape isolates key differentiators amongst vendors and provides resources to help accelerate your selection process.

With a paid membership of over 30,000 members worldwide, Info-Tech Research Group is the global leader in providing tactical, practical Information Technology research and analysis. 

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  • Webinar: Managed File Transfer Overview

    See an overview of the MOVEit Managed File Transfer solution and its ability to help organizations...

    • Transfer business files reliably and securely
    • Automate file-based business processes
    • Provide employees with an IT-approved solution to send files.

    Hear from Tony Perri, Solutions Architect, Ipswitch File Transfer and Paul Castiglione, Product Evangelist, Ipswitch File Transfer.

  • Evaluating and Selecting a Secure, Managed File Transfer Solution: Vol 4

    A requirements checklist will only take you so far in your quest to select a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that fits your organization’s technical, security and business needs. This excerpt from Don Jones' guide, “The Shortcut Guide to Managed File Transfer” describes how to uncover fine details and subtle differences between solutions. Each requirement includes a detailed examination covering: security, workflow, programmability, protocols, and operational considerations.

  • Evaluating Managed Cloud File Transfer

    A managed file transfer (MFT) solution is essential for any organization to transfer content between individuals and systems. Cloud-based file transfer solutions can reduce the total cost of ownership for MFT while maintaining highly secure transfer capabilities. But what are the potential “gotchas”?

Understand Managed File Transfer Solutions

The Definitive Guide to Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) lets organizations easily, securely, and confidently take care of their file transfer needs. In this eBook, we’ll introduce you to MFT, laying out its importance in today’s data-driven, security-conscious, and compliance-intensive environment; compare MFT to other methods you may be using; and describe how implementing a comprehensive MFT solution can benefit your organization.

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  • How Do You Know You Need Managed File Transfer? Vol 1

    This first volume of “The Shortcut Guide to Secure, Managed File Transfer” explains the reasons companies turn to Managed File Transfer. Download this guide now to get a strong foundation on the business requirements of any Managed File Transfer solution.

  • Why IT Organizations Turn to Managed File Transfer: Vol 1

    Why do organizations need Managed File Transfer? Isn’t FTP enough? This informative guide by Don Jones, author of more than 30 IT books, answers a set of Managed File Transfer questions like: How does Managed File Transfer help me meet and maintain compliance requirements? Can a file transfer system enable central management and control?

  • Can You Afford Another Day Without Managed File Transfer?

    Download this whitepaper to discover a number of common misconceptions organizations have about the security, efficiency, and cost of their file transfers. Learn how the investment into Managed File Transfer pays off through improvements to IT,  productivity. increased operational efficiency and reduction of operational costs.