Home Hardware Nails Secure File Transfer for over 1000 Retailers with MessageWay™

As our company began to grow, it became clear that our current technology couldn’t handle the volume of information transfer that we needed.

Brent Horst, Director of Corporate Applications, Home Hardware

The Challenge

More than 1,000 retailers rely on Home Hardware to transfer essential business files daily, including vendor and product information, pricing, POS software updates, and order confirmations.  Home Hardware needed a Managed File Transfer platform that could handle large volumes of information, cut download times and validate orders.

The Solution

Home Hardware selected Ipswitch MessageWay to manage more than a million files in its system as it provides the speed, validation and guaranteed delivery the company required with zero performance issues.  The solution puts every file through an automatic validation process. If an order has a problem, MessageWay flags the file and alerts the help desk so that the problem can be corrected immediately.

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