E-commerce Leader Banks on MessageWay™ for PCI Compliance

At the time, we had no ability to view alerts and no monitoring —‘dial, dump and pray’ was how we referred to it.

Senior IT Manager, N/A, N/A

The Challenge

The priority for this large global payments processor was to improve control and monitor electronic file exchange among more than six million merchant locations and thousands of card issuers worldwide. They wanted to move to a Managed File Transfer (MFT) environment, consolidate over 200 disparate file transmission licenses and reduce the number of platforms to gain cost savings and faster, better customer service.  

The Solution

MessageWay delivered the single platform the company sought, enabling it to replace the myriad of existing licenses. MessageWay Managed File Transfer has proven easy to operate, maintain, and configure, handles multiple secure protocols, and offers a low TCO while providing PCI-compliant features such as encryption and tokenization.

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