Reader's Digest consolidates multiple file transfer systems with MOVEit

We didn’t have a consolidated data transfer security standard that everyone followed. In essence we were leaving the decisions as to what was sensitive to the end users. I was uncomfortable with the level of security.

Dan MacDonald, Director of Customer Technology, Reader's Digest

The Challenge

As Reader’s Digest has grown, its requirements for external file exchanges transfers and communications have changed. The company needed to implement security standards for all data coming through the firewall using a solution that would allow large files to be sent securely without competitors or other clients knowing what jobs they were working on.

The Solution

Reader's Digest implemented MOVEit solutions to let users quickly and easily exchange sensitive business data as well as automate movement of files between internal and external systems. "We were impressed with the solution maturity, ease of administration and bulletproof security," said Dan MacDonald, Director of Customer Technology.

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