Health Insurance Benefits Provider

I’m used to file transfer operations requiring a lot of my time — but file transfers are quick and easy with MOVEit.

IT Security Specialist, , Health Insurance Benefits Provider

The Challenge

A leading provider of supplemental health insurance benefits and financial services to a wide range of employee groups across the United States was having trouble balancing the need for high file transfer productivity with the high security required to protect its very large customer base. Its existing managed file transfer system slowed productivity with complex set-up requirements and too-frequent interventions to complete activities. Just as worrisome, the solution failed to meet its claimed PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements even after the insurance company tried extensive custom coding and invested in numerous add-on components.

The Solution

We knew what we wanted and what the other system couldn’t do,” a senior security specialist explained. It happened that the insurer’s bank was a MOVEit customer who strongly recommended the product on the basis of user-friendliness and solid support. After seeing an online demo that illustrated how easily and cost-effectively MOVEit could meet all their complex requirements, including those for security, the team quickly obtained approval to purchase. MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ), MOVEit Central and MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer. 

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