Monsoon upgraded from FTP to MFT for security and compliance

MOVEit File Transfer and MOVEit Central were able to provide an extremely secure environment for all our data interactions.

Anish Shah, , Monsoon

The Challenge

Leading retailer for fashion and accessories, Monsoon needed three secure SFTP servers for its international operations, operations data interchange and secure banking transactions. The goal was a simple and secure way for users to quickly transfer files with other people, as well as automate file and data movements and workflows, ensure privacy and confidentiality and gain visibility and insight into file transfers.

The Solution

Monsoon replaced several FTP products with MOVEit solutions to add security and auditability for file transfers between its international operations.  The solution provides an extremely secure environment for all of Monsoon’s data interactions, an intuitive web interface, and extensive and customizable reporting that offers optimal visibility.

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