Lending Tools streamlines over 1,100 file transfer tasks with MOVEit

Security and compliance are fundamental to our business, and MOVEit provides essential functions to meet those needs.

Matt Pankratz, Senior Systems Administrator, LendingTools.com

The Challenge

LendingTools.com provides transaction and settlement services for 75% of U.S. correspondent banks. Hundreds of banks use the LT service daily, transferring files that represent billions of dollars in inter-bank transactions, as well as reporting about those transactions. Lending Tools needed a streamlined solution to support its vast client base.

The Solution

MOVEit File Transfer has replaced multiple file transfer products, including FTP products with limited security and functionality and home-grown scripting tools. MOVEit manages file transfers to client banks, regulators, and other financial institutions, providing the security, flexibility and reliability required when transferring huge sums of money, as well as the ability to easily audit how those transfers take place.  

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