Sumerian Transfers Client Data Easily, Reliably, and Securely

We wanted to have greater real-time visibility and better reporting. We got it with MOVEit.

DEAN GRANT, Senior Systems Engineer, Sumerian

The Challenge

Scotland-based Sumerian works with leading global enterprises to help improve the performance and efficiency of their operational IT. The company’s analytics software requires regular input of proprietary and highly sensitive client IT performance data, but the company’s home-grown legacy file transfer application was cumbersome and lacked many enhanced security, visibility and reporting capabilities that IS) 2700 and other standards the company viewed as necessary.

The Solution

Sumerian makes careful choices about the technology it puts in place for its own use and for clients. The company chose Ipswitch’s MOVEit MFT Server and MOVEit Central to automate and manage client file transfers. MOVEit Central ensures the predictable, secure delivery of business files, substantially reducing client side administrative burdens, and it is used both by Sumerian clients and the company’s data management team. MOVEit saves Sumerian one-to-two hours each day with minimal management overhead and automated file transfers. 

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