Rochester General relies on MOVEit to transfer medical records and meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance

We needed to consolidate on a standard way to transfer files to many different payer systems, and MOVEit has been a great resource for us.

Dylan Taft, Systems Engineer , Rochester General Hospital

The Challenge

Rochester General Hospital’s billing department exchanges patient records and claims information with dozens of insurance companies, health plan providers and other payer organizations.  These transfers need to be reliable and easy to track as well as highly secure to protect patient privacy and ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

The Solution

MOVEit provides centralized visibility and control for the hospital’s IT staff who manage the transfers. The staff leverages MOVEit’s point and click simplicity to set up, manage and track more than 70 different file transfer operations between hospital servers and the systems used by payers and outside healthcare providers.

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