H&M Software supports secure photo sharing for 250,000 users with WS_FTP

When you’re dealing with the digital assets of photo professionals, they expect you to secure it with state-of-the-art technology.

Andy Schmidt, Director of Technology, H&M Systems Software

The Challenge

H&M Software provides Internet and digital imaging solutions to more than 250,000 photo enthusiasts and professionals. The company needed a secure file transfer solution for online photo sharing and messaging to tie into its SQL database of registered users. The ability to control quotas programmatically and communicate with its integrated FTP client was a must.

The Solution

H&M Software chose WS_FTP Professional for its ability to automate account and quota management, scalability, and easy customization. In addition, the company wanted to tie FTP accounts into its billing system, enabling a usage-based fee model. Because WS FTP is based on an ODBC-compatible SQL database, H&M Software rapidly integrated WS FTP’s database into its billing application.

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