Killeen School District relies on WS_FTP solution to support over 45,000 teachers and students

When you look at the data we've got out there—grades, counseling records, and other ‘eyes-only’ material—it’s amazing how sensitive our information actually is.

Steven Robertson, KISD UNIX Sys. Admin., Killeen School District

The Challenge

Killeen Independent School District (KISD) employs 5,800 teachers and support personnel to serve over 50 campuses with nearly 40,000 students. KISD Technology Services needed to allow users to easily upload and download files and create and delete folders on their remote server without having to install software on users’ computers.

The Solution

KISD Technology Services has used WS_FTP Server for many years to securely share critical information as transparently as possible. The district chose WS FTP Web Transfer Module to add secure Internet correspondence. Users can now easily access and move files as well as create and delete folders without the need to install any software on their computers.

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