Gaming Company Rocksteady protects creative assets with WS_FTP Server

Confidentiality is vital and part of the legal requirement with our publisher so maintaining a tight rein on these assets is vital to our partner promise. We therefore needed a solution to transfer these valuable assets back and forth with our agencies in a secure manner.

Sefton Hill, Founder, Rocksteady Studios

The Challenge

To create their award-winning games for the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles, Rocksteady collaborates with numerous outside agencies on everything from sound effects to musical scores, artwork and graphics. Maintaining the confidentiality and security of all of these creative assets is a key legal requirement in their partner agreements. 

The Solution

Rocksteady uses WS_FTP solutions to securely transfer assets between their studio and outside agencies. WS FTP encrypts and sends assets to the agencies, requiring recipients to enter a password to access the files. The password auto-expires and requires users to reset their password, thus ensuring that Rocksteady Studios meets the legal requirements of its publisher.

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